Please read the following before ordering:
During December to April,
Orders can take about 2-4 weeks, excluding shipping time.

During May to November
Orders can take 4-6 weeks, excluding Shipping time.

Shipping time can take between 1 week to 3 weeks,
depending on your location and Holidays.
We Ship ship Priority Mail, unless you request otherwise,
or if its an odd shaped or large box it will go UPS.
If you need it sooner, please tell us.

Sometimes, there will be a custom order fee of $5-$10.
This applies to color combinations in some items,
Ostrich Fans, Collars, Hats, Wings, Capes and Cloaks ect....

Why so long?
All year round we are making stock.
And sometimes, if its not in stock, we have to make it.
If we don't have the feathers in stock we must order them.
And that can take a week to 2 weeks.
Returns and Customs:
We do not accept returns on custom orders.
So Please Make Sure Its the Color you Need!
We will send you samples.

When placing a custom order,
we suggest you send along a small swatch of fabrics
so we can match it as closely as possible.

If we are unable to match it, we will
find an accent color.

All our work is hand done.
We guarantee all our work.
We are happy to fix minor wear and tear in person,
For example, loose feather, someone pulled out a feather,
cording replacement or restringing,
Normal primping, usually for free.
Sometimes there is fee for fixing your item,
that can run anywhere from $1-$10, depending on item and item damage.

If you have to ship it to us,
we would charge, shipping back and whatever damage is repaired.

Please note, all pictures are a representation of our products.
Colors, and sizes of our products vary.

E-mail us at: