Feather Clips

These Coque clips come in the following colors:
Black-Red-Purple-Gold-Blue-Kelly-Forest-Burgandy-Regal Purple
Bronze-Aqua-Teal and cost $15 a clip

Chin Colors:
Red-Purple-Gold-Blue-Kelly-Forest-Burgandy-Regal Purple-Chin
Aqua-Teal-Mardi Gras-Red Hatters-and cost $16 a clip

Ostrich Clips:
Black/White-Red/Black-Mardi Gras-Blue/Black-Fire Colors-
Burgandy and Black-Mauve and Burgandy
These run $15-$18

Solid Color Clips:
Black-RegalPurple-Royal Blue-Hunter Green-Burgandy-$12
If you need a color not listed here, please e-mail us